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Waiting for Love

"If you put this song on a playlist of 70s hits, I bet your friends wouldn’t even notice. They’d be like “oh nice, who is this?” because it fits right in with that kind of music. It’s got that peaceful easy feeling, you might say. I dig the harmonies, the rock energy, and the quality lead vocal. I wish I was an A&R man in 1972. I’d take my bell-bottomed butt right to Columbia Records with this song!"



"From LP, ‘Moonlighter’, you are in for a treat when you listen to Odie Ray’s ‘Summer Break’. In the best traditions of pop rockers like Billy Joel and Hall & Oats, the aesthetics of this 70’s tinged single delights every part of your brain functions. There’s nothing you can’t get done when Odie Ray’s vibes are with you day to day. Odie Ray is an American Alternative Rock band formed in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 2018 by cousins David Ertel (vocals, keyboards) and Logan Ertel (vocals, guitars). David and Logan began their musical journey playing in various bands since 2007. What makes this duo unique is that David resides in Indianapolis, Indiana while Logan lives in Tampa, Florida. They have spent the last six years writing most of their songs over the phone. They have recorded their individual parts at both of their own home studios. Their outputs just hits a right spot, every time. Their latest LP ‘Moonlighter’ is available now for your pleasure."

"Enjoyed this track as it is a feel good song, something we really need to have right now. The vocals were great, and the beat was perfect for dancing. Great job."


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